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Concerning Today's NATO Assault on Northern Mitrovica


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Unless current news reports are mistaken, early Monday morning, squads of NATO troops seized Northern Mitrovica, the only remaining multiethnic part of Kosovo.

Northern Mitrovica, where thousands of Serbs, "Gypsies," Slavic Muslims and others driven from the rest of Kosovo lived side by side with local Serbs, Albanians and others, was defended by mass, non-violent action from UN police abuses and vicious armed assaults by Kosovo 'Liberation Army' forces trying to take control.

This popular movement infuriated the NATO humanitarians; hence today's apparent invasion by French and British NATO troops.

The excuse: to curb 'violence' (that is, the unarmed, non-violent movement) and, of all things, to limit pollution at a smelter. Amazing. The same NATO that has dropped thousands of deadly cluster (time) bombs on Kosovo's children, the same NATO, which, as Prof. Chossudovsky has proven, deliberately created an environmental disaster at Pancevo (1), now is worried about...a smelter.

These fabrications insult our intelligence. NATO's real goals: a) to crush resistance to KLA fascism, which NATO and the UN have installed elsewhere in Kosovo (2) and b) to position NATO troops close to the administrative border between Kosovo and inner Serbia, an area that has for months been under attack by NATO proxy troops of the KLA variety. (3)

Recently Al Gore announced that Sen. Joseph Lieberman will be his Vice Presidential running mate. This is the same Lieberman who said, while attending a pro-war rally in Washington last April:

  • "The "United States of America and the Kosovo Liberation Army stand for the same human values and principles...Fighting for the KLA is fighting for human rights and American values." ('Washington Post, April 28, 1999)

Recently, George Bush commented that if elected he will immediately issue an arrest warrant for Yugoslav Pres. Milosevic. Amazing isn't it how casually these men, even half-wits like little-Bush, how casually these men, no matter how limited their abilities, assume Imperial Rights. Thus - poof! - and little Bush issues his threat to arrest - arrest? - the President of a sovereign country. How does one arrest somebody else's President? No problem, didn't big daddy once pulverize a smaller country, Panama, supposedly to arrest its President? This is Rome, complete with cruelty and greed. All that's missing is brains.

The Lieberman announcement and the threat by Little Bush, as well as and today's attack on Mitrovica, make eminently clear that the American establishment is not through with Yugoslavia. It wishes to escalate the attack. The Serbs, for a century the obstacle to Imperial conquest of the strategic Balkans, must be crushed as a politically coherent force.

By sending British and French troops to seize Northern Mitrovica the United States has positioned NATO troops close to the administrative border with inner Serbia. This would make it easier for NATO troops (after a suitable provocation is invented) to attack inner Serbia from the south and, simultaneously, to support provocative actions by the weak, gangster-ridden (5) quisling regime in Montenegro, (6) where British SAS (Special Forces) are currently training whatever riffraff they can scrape together (they call it a police force) to be used as provocateurs to a) assassinate Yugoslav officials and b) provide some incident9s) to 'justify' NATO intervention.

The line, put forward by NATO, that it is Milosevic who wishes to destabilize Montenegro and Mitrovica, etc., etc., is ridiculous on the face. Do they take us for fools? Are we to accept a comic book vision of world politics in which Milosevic plays "Super Bad Guy" to the US "Super Good Guy," where "Super Bad Guy" does absurdly self-destructive things for no reason but irrepressible malice.

In reality, it is Yugoslavia (its people and government, which is after all comprised of living people) who have suffered NATO's cruel and unwarranted assaults. It was Yugoslavia which tried, prior to last year's bombing, to work out some kind of peace accord and it was NATO which presented Yugoslavia with an agreement (which would have legalized the occupation of all Yugoslavia by NATO troops!) - a proposal designed precisely to ensure Yugoslav rejection. It was only Yugoslavia whose parliament actually discussed this (anti-)peace proposal. Not one of the NATO democracies voted, by plebiscite or even in parliament, before initiating the brutal 78 day bombing of Yugoslav civilians and infrastructure and the subsequent invasion and ethnic decimation of Kosovo.

We are now attempting to get direct information from Mitrovica. We will post whatever we find out as soon as possible.-- editorial staff, Emperor's Clothes.

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