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Two Commentaries on a revealing article in the Toronto Star (posted 11-5-99)

Astonishing Revelation,
by Konstantin Kilibarda

Konstantin Kilibarda is a student in Canada and of world affairs. An article by him will be posted shortly on Konstantin writes the following:

Dear Emperors Clothes,
Congrats for getting back on-line! Anyway here in Canada we've been slowly "piercing through the fog of lies". On Friday TV Ontario aired an episode of
Diplomatic Immunity - a Current Affairs show with prominent Canadian journalists and intellectuals. On this occasion, among the panelists were Gen. (Retired) Lewis MacKenzie, who headed the UNPROFOR mission in 1992. For speaking out honestly he has been reviled as "pro-Serb". In any case the episode focused on the deceit of the International Media and asked - were we duped? The panelists highlighted the fact that the killing was in the hundreds and not the thousands.

In any case, today, Wednesday November 3rd, the Toronto Star (one of Canada's leading papers) printed an opinion peace by Richard Gwyn, a respected columnist exposing the fraud. He does the usual bit about "Serb stupidity" but coming from the Star, which was the one of the most sanguine Canadian papers in baying for Serbian blood, it was astonishingly revealing.


Marjaleena Repo is an anti-war activist of Finnish descent living in Canada. She recounts that though she has nary "a drop of Serbian blood in her veins" she has found herself routinely "accused" of being a Serb because o her peace organizing.

I've had the same experience. In a debate (see: ) one Tony Frye insisted I was blinded by Serbian Nationalism on account of my Serbian ancestry. When I pointed out I was a middle-aged Jew of Brooklyn ethnicity (or a middle-aged former Brooklynite of Jewish ethnicity) and in any case quite INTERnationalist, he called me a liar, and a pitiful one at that.

Which all reminds me of my favorite children's book: bitter-sweet. It's about a bear. The poor fellow is hibernating quite peacefully but is awakened by an awful racket. He stumbles out of his cave - and finds himself at the entrance of a huge factory which they've just built. Before he can go back to sleep, a guard takes him by the arm. "You're late for work, mister." The bear says "I'm not a worker. I'm a bear. You woke me up." "Oh no you're not," says the guard. "You're a hairy man in a heavy fur coat who needs a shave." And so the poor bear is drawn into the factory, where he goes up the hierarchy, always being informed that he is not, in fact, a bear, but a recalcitrant worker.

I rather like that bear.
-- Jared Israel

Here's Marjaleena Repo:

NOW IT CAN BE TOLD - that the "genocide" and "holocaust" charges against the Yugoslavian government and the Serbs were deliberate falsifications. This is the first (published) Canadian journalist, I believe, who has actually put together the findings from various independent sources which have traveled on the Internet for a couple of months. Let us see if it affects any of the coverage in the Toronto Star which was relentless in its viciousness toward the Serbs and didn't hesitate to repeat every outlandish story that it came across, in order to foster hatred against the Serbs! Let us see if other columnists will follow with a "mea culpa." Gwyn, of course, does not do a real self-criticism of himself, his newspaper and the overall Canadian and international media, and throws in the usual gratuitous comments about Milosevic and the "stupidity of Serbs", but nevertheless this is a significant first step.

The column comes out of a debate that took place on a TV Ontario program, "Diplomatic immunity", on Oct. 29, between three journalists: Patrick Martin of the Globe and Mail, Richard Gwyn and Eric Margolies (perhaps the most vicious of the falsifiers), and Major-General (Ret'd) Lewis MacKenzie. Gwyn, Martin and MacKenzie raised the issues of falsification (Patrick Martin even brought out the role of the Public Relations firms in this war, reminding the viewers of the Hill and Knowlton created "incubator babies" incident in the Gulf War in 1990!).

(If anyone has the transcript of this watershed program in the Canadian media, please send it to me so I can spread it around the world.) [Note from EC: If you have it you can email Marjaleena at ]

This article needs to be circulated widely. If you can get your copy of the Toronto Star of November 3, you will have a ready made leaflet to give out to friends, relatives, fellow workers and neighbors, who have been at the receiving end of the false propaganda tales. They will find this an eye-opener.

On the web you can locate the article at Toronto Star's site: among the "Opinion" pieces

This is an excellent time to respond to the Gwyn article, by forwarding it to your MP with a personal comment and request for a public inquiry into Canada's involvement in an illegal and immoral war. Also, do write letters to the Toronto Star. It is bound to publish some of them. (Do send us a copy so that we can send out a whole stream of them, whether they are published or not.) The e-mail address to send the copy(ies) to is

To read the Toronto Star article click on Gwyn article or go to: