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Trepca Takeover:
According to Script
by Jared Israel (8-17-00)

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In the wee hours of the morning, Monday, August 14, KFOR (that is NATO forces in Kosovo) swept into Northern Mitrovica and seized the Zvecan lead smelting plant, part of the fabulously valuable Trepca mining complex.

The excuse given: pollution.

Oh pollution, how hast we suffered in thy good name. Or words to that effect.

Here's what the 'AP' said, as reported by Richard Hugus in a sharp news analysis last night:

Denouncing the takeover as theft, the Yugoslav government quoted the mine's managers saying that the "dark satanic mills" stuff was hypocritical fiction. The Yugoslav news agency, 'Tanjug', reported:

What is truly amazing is, in a report posted on Emperor's Clothes Feb. 28, 1999, Diana Johnstone noted that the ICG, an international think tank that does some of the thinking for NATO, proposed that the Internationals seize the smelter using an environmental excuse - proposed this all months ago.

We have posted the actual ICG report as well at the end of Diana's analysis so you can see how the plan for using environmental arguments as a cover for theft was originally formulated.

It's unusual for an analyst to discover a document like the ICG report and based on this document make a prediction and have it come so completely true. Unusual and in this case more than a little horrifying.

But in fact Diana Johnstone didn't just hit one home run here, she hit two. She cited a second piece of advice in the ICG report. Some advice about the Yugoslav elections. Here's what she wrote:

And low and behold, this prediction of Diana Johnstone's has come true as well. Because there are indeed elections scheduled soon in Yugoslavia. In those elections, the pro-US 'democratic' opposition (most notably Zoran Djindjic) has more or less lined up behind a politician little known outside Yugoslavia, Vojislav Kostunica of the Democratic Party of Serbia. The 'democratic' opposition is notable for having been promised $100,000,00 by the US Senate last July, a lot of which has been delivered. (Working for the US is the best job in Yugoslavia.) (4)

In a chilling echo of the ICG report, Kostunica has, sure enough, issued a statement accusing Milosevich of losing (indeed, of 'trading away'!) the Trepca mines. Here's the statement. I have restrained myself and only made a couple of comments:

Or could it just be that the ICG is stranger than fiction?

"Cut! It's a wrap! Print it!"

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