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In 1989 U.S. Secretary of  Defense Cheney Pushed to Create a Palestinian State
1989 article from the Washington Times
Comment by Jared Israel


[Posted 10 July 2003]


Note from Emperor's Clothes:

As stated in the article below, the 1989 report demanding that Israel bow to the creation of a Palestinian State was "requested by the Office of the Secretary of Defense." The article also states that "the study was compiled by Graham Fuller, senior Middle East analyst for the CIA during the Reagan administration."

The Secretary of Defense at that time was Richard B. Cheney. This is the same Richard Cheney who, we are told, is a pro-Israel neoconservative. Can anyone explain to me how producing a report which advocates forcing Israel to accept the elevation of the PLO, a group dedicated to destroying Israel, to the status of statesmen - with a state next door to Israel! - could be construed as pro-Israel? [1]

Of course Cheney et all knew this was a fierce attack on Israel, hence the report suggests that Israel be coerced to accept this 'inevitable' development by warning that resistance would only mean Israel would suffer worse violence.

Could it be that we have been hustled? That the U.S. Establishment wants us to fall for the lie that the people running the US government are controlled by Israel? That political theater is being staged, very much like the wrestling matches on TV, with the so-called neoconservatives and their so-called enemies, such as Pat Buchanan, loudly making public statements intended to convince the opponents of US foreign policy actions that these actions are the fault of "the Jews"?

-- Jared Israel
Emperor's Clothes


The Washington Times
November 8, 1989, Wednesday, Final Edition
Section: Part A; WORLD; Pg. A7
Rand study urges birth of West Bank state
Byline: James M. Dorsey

A report sponsored by the Defense Department has concluded that the Israeli-Arab conflict can only be resolved by creating a West Bank Palestinian state and urges both Israel and the United States to accept this "inevitable compromise."

Released shortly before the expected mid-November arrival in Washington of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, the Rand Corp. report is certain to fuel already widespread Israeli fears that the Bush administration is attempting to lure Israel into talks with the Palestine Liberation Organization.

The report warned that "continued efforts by either side to resist what now seems the inevitable compromise of conflicting national aspirations will prove frustrating - and perhaps very costly."

Israel charges that discussion of Palestinian independence would constitute a mortal threat to the Jewish state.

The study is likely to reinforce the perception in Israel that the 10-month-old Bush administration has made little effort to build a relationship of trust with Israel. The administration includes no traditional Cabinet-level friends of Israel involved in the shaping of U.S. Middle East policy.

U.S. government officials privately insist that Israel will have to accept the PLO as a reality even if it refuses to sit at the same table with the Palestinian movement. Officials have also suggested that Mr. Shamir may not be able or willing to implement his own proposal for limited Palestinian elections in Israeli-occupied territories because of his rejection of all notions that come anywhere near the requirements of Palestinian self-identity.

"We have a disagreement with Israel how to implement the prime minister's own proposal for elections in the West Bank and Gaza," said one official. "The Israeli-American search for alternative leaderships to represent the Palestinians is to all intents and purposes dead," concluded the study.

Entitled "The West Bank of Israel: Point of No Return?" and requested by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the study was compiled by Graham Fuller, senior Middle East analyst for the CIA during the Reagan administration.

"To talk to the PLO is to move a long a way toward recognizing the legitimacy of Palestinian aspirations for a state. Hard-line Israeli leaders know this - which is why direct talks with the PLO are absolutely anathema. Indeed, with the establishment of direct talks between the United States and the PLO, Israel now has, whether it wants them or not, indirect negotiations with the PLO," the study said.

Taking the 23-month old Palestinian uprising in the West Bank and Gaza as a turning point in Israel's 22-year old occupation, Mr. Fuller argued that "the forces now unleashed - and the responses evoked in Israel, the United States and elsewhere - have now made the ultimate emergence of a Palestinian state on the West Bank inevitable. . . No other solution any longer seems viable."

The United States officially opposes creation of an independent Palestinian state, but has said it would accept such a state if it were to emerge from Middle East peace negotiations. Some of the tension between Jerusalem and Washington stems from Israeli attempts to prevent the notion of such a state from even entering the discussions.

Mr. Fuller warned, however, that continued Israeli opposition to Palestinian statehood could prove very costly and endanger Israeli security in the long term.

"If the way to the Palestinian state is long, brutal, bloody and filled with rancor, in a process in which Israel has not taken the leadership but rather is viewed as having gone down in defeat, the psychological relationship of the two states will be ugly and will perhaps contain the seeds of future conflict. . . . It is important that the birth of the new state not be perceived as an Arab victory born of force and violence, for this might encourage further attempts to use force against the Israeli state," the study said.

(C) Washington Times 1989 * Posted for educational use only


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