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Early Election Results: Big Defeat for U.S. Fifth Column Tactics
[Emperor's Clothes]

by Jared Israel (9-26-2000)

Below we have reprinted the preliminary Election Commission returns, as posted by Tanjug, the Yugoslav news agency. The amazing thing is that despite every sort of meddling, the U.S. has failed to bring down the Yugoslav government. Indeed, the government coalition now has a majority in both houses of Parliament, which governs Yugoslavia.

This election has been quite something. Everyone admits that the "democratic" opposition is massively funded by US government agencies. The only difference between this funding and what the CIA used to do in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s is that in this case some of the funding is open. But some of it is not so open, with money smuggled into Yugoslavia in suitcases full of cash.(1)

The U.S. has subjected the Yugoslav people to the most extreme kind of intimidation. The 6th fleet is off the shore of Croatia conducting "maneuvers". Remember, Yugoslavia has been subjected to attacks by the U.S. and its allies and proxy forces for ten years, including 78 days of bombing. So the people have reason to be concerned about the 6th fleet. Indeed, while the 6th Fleet was maneuvering in the Adriatic, the US was preparing to conduct maneuvers (I believe they are to begin on the 28th) in Bulgaria and Rumania. Thus the Yugoslav people voted while a vise of Imperial threat embraced their country.

While holding this military stick over Yugoslav heads, the West has also waved a carrot, promising to lift sanctions and embrace Yugoslavia, if only the Yugoslavs get rid of Milosevich. This is a false promise. Several recent articles on Emperor's Clothes ( ) deal with the punitive treatment Yugoslavia must expect if the US government gets its local agents in power.

Today, the US House of Representatives voted to give the "independent democratic" opposition $105 MILLION to continue what the U.S. press is now calling its "populist" struggle. Not bad. They get to be populists plus millions of dollars to line their pockets because note that this money is not going to solve the problems of ordinary Yugoslavs, it is going to reward "democratic" opposition organizations and individuals. It is bribe money. The U.S. Establishment likes to get something for its bribes, in this case political control.

$105 million is a lot of money in Yugoslavia. First of all, it's a small country with 1/25th of the U.S. population. And it is very poor, compared to the U.S. $150 (US) a month is an OK salary in Yugoslavia; you can live on $150 about as well as someone making $2000 in the U.S.

So to get an idea of the effect of $105 million in U.S. terms, multiply by 25 (for population) and 13.333 (for salary.) This means that in equivalent US dollars, Congress just voted to pay $35 BILLION to the "independent" opposition.

So the U.S. government is holding out a big (though entirely deceptive) carrot and a big stick. What a spirit of resistance, that under these circumstances the Yugoslavs would give a majority of seats in both houses of Parliament to the parties the U.S .wants them to dump. This spirit of resistance is what the U.S. and Germany have been trying to destroy for ten long years. Indeed, Germany has been trying to break the Serbian spirit for a hundred years, if not more.

Parliamentary Returns

The most important elections are those for the two houses of Parliament. There, the Government Coalition of the Socialist Party, the JUL and Montenegrin SNP have gained an absolute majority in Parliament.

Presidential Returns Give Kostunica a Plurality, Requiring a Runoff Election

In the Presidential race, the Election Commission returns give both Milosevich and Kostunica 40% and 48% respectively. Since both are under 50%, a run-off is required.

But a run-off would be bad for the DOS. Milosevich will most likely fare better in a run-off than he did in round one. Why? For one thing, he will get most of the Radical Party vote. More important, many of the more nationalist Serbs didn't vote in round one because they didn't want to vote for Milosevich, but they will vote for him in round two because they see Kostunica's coalition as tied to the U.S. Kostunica's absolute numbers may go up, but his percentage of the total could well go down.

The U.S. has a problem. Even if Kostunica were to win the Presidential vote, the government is controlled by Parliament, and Parliament is solidly in the hands of the Governing coalition. Therefore the US is using its "democratic" opposition to try and destabilize the situation and bring the government down.

Djindjic Attacks Official Returns, Followed by Kostunica

At approximately 3:00 Eastern U.S. time Democratic Party leader Zoran Djindjic publicly attacked the Election Commission returns, claiming they were false. He provided no evidence. This is consistent, of course. Prior to the elections, Djindjic and the State Department and Robin Cook and every Western newsman assured us that Milosevich would "steal" the elections, but never indicated how, so why provide evidence now that "the deed has been done"?

Djindjic said his coalition would demand to see the official returns and "compare them with ours, one by one if necessary" and that they would reject a runoff because "we will respect the result that was registered on September 24." ('Reuters, 9-26-2000, 3.08 PM)

An hour later, the official candidate of the "democratic" coalition spoke up. Vojislav Kostunica followed Djindjic's lead, echoing the charges of fraud and the refusal to participate in the runoff. ('Reuters, 9-26-2000, 4.10 PM)

Kostunica was picked to be the "democratic" coalition's candidate because he had not been discredited (like Mr. Djindjic) as an agent of the U.S. government. But as we have pointed out, (2) Kostunica's character is not the issue because Kostunica is not the master of his fate. He relies on the DOS coalition and various "democratic" organizations, like the Group of 17 economists. They in turn rely on the U.S. government. How can Kostunica buck these forces? They have the U.S. money; they have the organizations; and they have the media. He has Kostunica and a tiny political party.

The Golden Rule: He Who Has the Gold Makes The Rules

The U.S. has given tens of millions of dollars to the "democratic" opposition. Kostunica says he has taken none of this money. If this is true, then Zoran Djindjic and the other "independent" democrats are getting it all. Djindjic has an organization able to smuggle cash across the border ("in suitcases" according to the N.Y. Times) (1) And the G-17 economists, a leading component of the US-funded opposition, has the ties to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

So Zoran Djindjic speaks at 3pm and Vojislav Kostunica echoes him at 4. There you have it: a small example but one that reflects the true relation of forces. Whatever Mr. Kostunica really is, whatever he really wants, whatever he has convinced himself he is doing, he is only the tail. The dog is Zoran Djindjic, the G-17 economists, Vesna Pesic, Radio B292 and the rest of the independent democratic civil society peace activist opposition, and they all work for the USA

Below is the Election Report from Tanjug.


BELGRADE, Sep 26 (Tanjug).- The Federal Electoral Commission held a session Tuesday chaired by Borivoje Vukicevic and announced the first preliminary results of Yugoslav presidential election on the basis of results processed so far for 10,153 polling stations.

Turnout was 64.16 percent, or 5,036,478 out of the total electorate of 7,848,818. The five presidential candidates won the following number of votes:

- Miroljub Vidojkovic 40,765 or 0.80 percent

- Vojislav Kostunica 2,428,714 or 48.22 percent

- Slobodan Milosevic 2,026,478 or 40.23 percent

- Vojislav Mihailovic 130,598 or 2.59 percent

- Tomislav Nikolic 256,876 or 5.10 percent

Invalid ballots - 3.03 percent

According to these figures, a runoff presidential election is expected to be held.

According to the preliminary results of the federal parliamentary elections, the distribution of seats is as follows:

Chamber of Citizens

- DOS (Democratic Opposition of Serbia) - 59

- SPS-JUL (Socialist Party of Serbia, Yugoslav Left) - 44

- SNP (Socialist National Party) - 28

- SRS (Serbian Radical Party) - 3

- SNS (Serbian People's Party) - 2

Two seats will go to SPO, DZVM or SSJ, depending on final


Chamber of the Republics

- DOS (Democratic Opposition of Serbia) - 10

- SPS-JUL (Socialist Party of Serbia, Yugoslav Left) - 7

- SRS (Serbian Radical Party) - 2

- SPO (Serbian Renewal Movement) - 1

- SNS (Serbian People's Party) - 1

The final results will be made public within the deadline set by the law, the Commission said.


(1) Here is the quote from the 'NY Times' on how "democratic" opposition money gets into Yugoslavia:

"The money from the West is going to most of the institutions that the government attacks for receiving it - sometimes in direct aid, sometimes in indirect aid like computers and broadcasting equipment, and sometimes in suitcases of cash carried across the border between Yugoslavia and Hungary or Serbia and Montenegro. Most of those organizations and news media could not exist without foreign aid." ('N.Y. Times', 9-20-2000.

For the complete 'N.Y. Times' story and a commentary from Emperor's Clothes, see "'NY Times' Confirms Charge: U.S. Gov't Meddles in Yugoslavia" at

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