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Dragoljub Markovic, Murdered by NATO Terrorists on Orthodox Christmas (Part 1)
by Jared Israel
[Posted 7 January 2002]

Today is Orthodox Christmas. To all our Orthodox readers, may we wish you a wonderful holiday.

Alas, for our Serbian friends, and indeed for all who care about justice for Yugoslavia, it is a bitter Christmas.

Many Serbian leaders, including former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, (8) have been kidnapped and taken to NATO's illegal War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague. http://www.icdsm.com/more/peaceintro.htm

In theory the 'Tribunal' is a United Nations institution. In fact, NATO controls it. We document this charge in 'NATO's Tribunal: Straight From the Horse's Mouth'.
http://emperors-clothes.com/docs/h-list.htm (1)

The 'Tribunal' functions in violation of commonly accepted rules of law. Indeed, its very existence violates the UN Charter. This is documented in a report by Dr. Hans Koechler, a highly respected, long-time UN Consultant. (He wrote the official UN review of the Lockerbie trial)
Dr. Koechler's report, 'Illegal Tribunal - Illegal Indictment,' can be read at http://emperors-clothes.com/docs/prog2.htm (2)

And then there is Kosovo. With great sadness we convey news from Dragan Radic, a reader in Europe. Yesterday, on Christmas Eve, a gruesome crime was committed in Kosovska Kamenica, a town in Kosovo. Terrorists hurled a grenade into a shop, murdering a Serbian man, Dragoljub Markovic, a father of five.

While asserting its right to rule Kosovo, NATO claims it has been powerless to do anything to stop two and a half-years of racist terror in the province.

But this terrorism, which has driven most Serbs, 'Gypsies,' Slavic Muslims, Turks, Jews and anti-racist Albanians - all told, about 350,0-00o people - from the province, this campaign required tremendous organization. The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) did the dirty work, but this would have been impossible without NATO's support. NATO turned the KLA into a real organization (3); NATO pays its members (4); and NATO forces train it (5). NATO could crush the KLA like a bug, just as it crushed a similar creation, the Taliban.

NATO's involvement is documented in dozens of articles on Emperor's Clothes.

For example, in September 1999, we interviewed Cedomir Prlincevic. Mr. Prlincevic was leader of the Jewish Community in Kosovo. I say 'was' because by the time we interviewed him, the KLA had driven every Jews from the province, ransacked their homes, stolen their property.

The Kosovo Jewish community was small, for very few Jews survived the attentions of the Nazi-supported Greater Albanian government that ran Kosovo during World War II. ( or more on this, see George Thompson's 'Roots of Fascism in Kosovo' at http://emperors-clothes.com/articles/thompson/rootsof.htm (6) )

Most Kosovo Jews were arrested by the Albanian Nazis and shipped by train to Nazi death camps outside Yugoslavia. One of those trains took a wrong turn and ran into the (Russian) Red Army. Cedomir Prlincevic and his mother were among the lucky people on that train.

Now those people and their descendents, alive by accident, have been driven from their homes. Everything they worked for has been destroyed.

The citizens of every NATO country should read Cedomir Prlincevic's interview. For it is our responsibility to right these terrible wrongs.

Here are excerpts from the first and second interviews with Mr. Prlincevic. He had described how Kosovo Liberation Army thugs attacked the building in Pristina where he lived:

Jared: Were they armed?

Cedda: With machine guns. They completely cleared up the building and the whole area where we lived.

Jared: Cleared up?

Cedda: The whole area of 30,000 people, they completely cleared it.

Jared: 30,000? Emptied it?

Cedda: Emptied it. Went from house to house and building to building.

Jared: Did they kill anyone.

Cedda: Initially one person, family named Kompic, a Serbian family, they killed, which was an obvious reason for us not to resist.

Jared: In other words they made an example of one family and then they said if you want to die -

Cedda: All night they were banging the doors and slamming the doors and going inside the doors and from apartment to apartment.

Jared: Was that private houses?

Cedda: Apartment buildings. Many of the people who lived there are of prominent status and social position in the city. Even Albanians who lived in the same buildings were also running away. It was not only Serbian, it was mixed nationality. This was something completely unknown in history of Kosovo. Since Kosovo is multinational, multi-confessional [i.e., multi-religious] society which lived 500 years together, there was no such level of hatred as now.

Later in that interview, I asked Mr. Prlincevic:

Jared: Did you try to go to the KFOR?

Cedda: The KFOR was in my house when they came to there.

Jared: WHAT?

Cedda: When Albanians started to destroy apartments one person called KFOR and KFOR officer came inside the house, he was there with his squad. There was a whole bunch going up and down the stairs, 24 hours pressure of people going up and down the stairs, banging, entering, demolishing... they break down the door and pour in tear gas in some places and they were robbing -

Jared: Excuse me?

Cedda: Robbing, robbing.

Jared: Now, you said the KFOR men were there? Did they actually witness it?

Cedda: Yes.

Jared: What did they say?

Cedda: They didn't react at all. They didn't protect nobody.

Jared: For God's sake, what did they say?

Cedda: They said this is for civil authorities to regulate the problem. They were only concerned with killings.

Jared: Who were the civil authorities?

Cedda: They were not formed yet. There were none.

In the second interview, conducted by me and Nancy Gust, we tried to get clearer on the relationship between the KLA terrorists and NATO forces:

Jared: At what point did the gangs come? Ws it immediately [after NATO arrived] or was it after a few weeks?

Cedda: Together with them. In other words, the KFOR arrived and the gangs arrived.

Jared: When did they attack the complex?

Cedda: They attacked immediately. When the Russians came to Pristina, before the British, to the airport, the people were expecting that they would protect them but it was not so.

Nancy: How long was it before your apartment complex was attacked? When did that happen?

Cedda: At the very day that the British entered my part of the city the gangs started to attack different buildings in this huge area. It's a quarter of Pristina, the section called 'Milana'.

Nancy: Are you saying the gangs arrived physically in the same time and place as the British soldiers? The gangs traveled with British soldiers?

Cedda: Yes. The answer is yes. Yes they came together. Yes. Over the frontier, over the route, over the streets together. Yes!

[Excerpts from 'Driven from Kosovo' at http://emperors-clothes.com/interviews/ceda.htm ] (7)

Anxious to transform the Balkans into a series of protectorates, NATO, especially the U.S. and German Establishments targeted the Serbian people, the social "glue" that historically has held Yugoslavia together. In doing so, NATO followed the German example, set during two World Wars. If you would conquer the East, you must first control the Balkans. If you would control the Balkans, you must first break up Yugoslavia. And if you would break up Yugoslavia, you must savagely crush the Serbian people.

NATO hit the Serbs with both barrels of the gun.

First, the Western media launched a ferocious campaign of demonization. If you think we exaggerate, read the article, 'KLA Attacks Everyone, Media Attacks Milosevich,' at http://emperors-clothes.com/articles/jared/expan.htm (8)

And second, the US and Germany sponsored the creation of fascistic proxy parties and armies in the various Yugoslav Republics. Each was dedicated to slicing off a part of Yugoslavia, and all of them appealed to anti-Serb and anti-'Gypsy' racism.

Kosovo is the latest example.

In the fall of 1999 we published an interview with three women from the Kosovo town of Orahovac. They described what had happened when NATO marched into Kosovo a few months earlier.

The first woman we interviewed was Natasha Grkovic, age 27. She had fled Orahovac in August 1999. Natasha told us that 3000 Serbs were still in the town. Or perhaps one should say, 3000 Serbs were being held in the town.

In June the Yugoslav Army left Kosovo and NATO took over. Here is Natasha:

NATASHA: "Maybe a thousan or more Serbs left. Orahovac is unique in that so many did stay; that's because we believed KFOR guarantees that we'd be safe. When it became clear things weren't going to be that way, people wanted to leave, but they were not allowed. Besides the Serbs, 500-1000 Roma, or 'Gypsies', stayed."

We asked Natasha why the Serbs thought things would be OK.

NATASHA: "From April on our telephone connections as well as Serbian radio and TV were cut off thanks to NATO bombing. We had little information about what was happening in the rest of the country. We heard that after the June Peace Agreement was signed there was a massive exodus of Serbs from Prizen and elsewhere but we couldn't verify it so we wondered if it was true. Meanwhile, we were constantly being told by Western media that our security would be guaranteed - for instance, by Voice of America, which we heard via satellite connections. They used phrases about multiethnic, multicultural society and their Democracy and promised first to disarm KLA [Kosovo Liberation Army], then to establish their laws.

"The morning before KFOR arrived there was a meeting of their [NATO's] representatives with the Mayor, a Serb, plus other Serbs including the head of the winery. KFOR said that in two days or so life would return to normal. The next day the houses were burning."

"With KFOR, the KLA came. The same day. Some neighbors even appeared in KLA uniforms. We were horrified. Suddenly we didn't feel safe [in the mixed section of Orahovac] so we moved to the Serbian part.

"As we were leaving we saw, already, Serbian houses being burned. KFOR did nothing. We complained; they said they didn't have enough people. Soon reinforcements arrived but the situation stayed the same for a month. Over a hundred houses were burned. And they robbed whatever they could. A few "Gypsy" (Roma) houses were burned too. Twenty-five people who stayed in the mixed section were kidnapped, plus their houses were burned too.

"Slowly we realized the extent of the mistake we'd made in not leaving. Every day KFOR offered new excuses for not protecting us. They said: 'We can't put guards in front of every house. We can't give every Serb an armed guard.'

"The KFOR checkpoint is close to the ghetto. KFOR guards the entrance and exit to the Serbian area. Plus there are barricades, which the Albanians put up. First you hit KFOR and second you hit the Albanian barricades. KFOR supplied tents for the Albanians who are sitting on those barricades. And they ran electric wiring into those tents to provide current."

We asked what conditions were like under the new masters of Kosovo.

NATASHA: "We were kept in this Serb enclave. My parents can come out on the streets but that's dangerous; two people were wounded just being outside the house. Those who have tried to escape simply disappeared.

"There is no phone service to Belgrade. The only food is from humanitarian sources. One 'Gypsy' tried to ship food from the Albanian to the Serbian section; some extreme Albanian group told him, 'No food for the Serbs!' Near the beginning we would send some Albanian kid to buy stuff for us. But the kid would be beaten up and they would tell him 'Don't do that again!' The ghetto is 500 square yards. Water is erratic: once in three days for two or three hours.

[These interviews can be read in the article, 'WHAT NATO OCCUPATION WOULD MEAN FOR MACEDONIANS' at http://emperors-clothes.com/misc/savethe-a.htm ] (9)

These different forms of terror, described so graphically by Cedomir Prlincevic, the Jewish archivist from Pristina, and Natasha Grkovic, the young Serbian woman from Orahovac, became the status quo in Kosovo.

In the fall of 1999, NATO promised to disarm the KLA. But as the 'Russian Press Digest' observed, not even Western officials tried to pretend the promise meant anything:

"The head of the U.N. mission in Kosovo, Bernard Kouchner, has announced that KLA representatives had turned in 10,000 units of various types of weapons which allows the mission to speak about the completion of the disarmament process. 'We are satisfied that the OAK [KLA] handed in 10,000 firearms, even if we know that they still have another 100,000 guns,' joked one of the members of the U.N. mission in Kosovo. ('Russian Press Digest,' 21 September 1999) (10)

Two years ago, just before the Orthodox Christmas, we posted an article called 'Pictures at an Exhibition.' (11) It documents the destruction of Orthodox Church property all across Kosovo: ancient buildings and gorgeous religious art.

The letters 'UCK' are the Albanian initials for 'Kosovo Liberation Army' (KLA). The picture above is from the altar-area of the Church of St. Nicholas which was looted, vandalized and damaged by explosives.

[If you are reading this article in email and you wish to see the vandalized painting posted here, go to http://emperors-clothes.com/analysis/dragoljub.htm ]

When we originally posted 'Pictures at an Exhibition,' terrorists had vandalized or destroyed seventy four Orthodox Churches. In preparing this article, I asked Stephanie Niketic, a friend, to find out the current figure. Stephanie forwarded me the following from Fr. Sava, a monk in the Decani Monastery in Kosovo:

THIS ARTICLE IS CONTINUED IN PART TWO at http://emperors-clothes.com/analysis/dragoljub2b.htm

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