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Open Letter to A Serbian Scholar

Note: Prof. Raymond Kent is an historian of Yugoslav origin who has tirelessly criticized the U.S./German assault on Yugoslavia. We have been proud to publish his work on Emperor's Clothes. Now, when some people in the Serbian Diaspora are reprimanding Emperor's Clothes for publishing material unflattering to the coup d'état government in Yugoslavia, Prof. Kent has posted an article which misportrays our position. Of course, Prof. Kent has the right to dispute what we say; but we have the right to be correctly quoted.

Dear Prof. Kent,

I write to you, with the greatest possible respect, to correct your misstatements of the views of myself and others, expressed in an article you just posted, called "Ideological Wars inside and outside of Yugoslavia".

You start off well enough by correctly stating that we have urged the Serbs to stand tall against NATO. True enough. But from there on, the views you attribute to us simply are not ours. You say we want the Serbs to:

"be prepared to suffer beyond the sufferings already inflicted ...Slobodan Milosevic remains the point man of this tendency because he is regarded as a leader who would continue Serb resistance to the U.S. Imperial domination and stick to a socialist model of Serb economy, in contrast to the socially and economically destructive Capitalist incursions through IMF, WTO and the like." [end quote]

This includes four important misstatements of our views:

MISSTATEMENT ONE: We do not say we want the Serbs to suffer more. Rather we say that the West is lying when they promise things will improve if the Serbs go with DOS. The newspapers are of course full of talk about pouring money into Yugoslavia. This is familiar hog wash. They lend, they never give - and the terms that they set for the privilege of borrowing money destroy the economy. Moreover the money goes right back to Western financial interests, not to the local people -- it goes to the foreign interests whom the IMF and World Bank represent!

If the IMF/World Bank get their claws on Yugoslavia, they will do to it what they have done in every other Balkans country they took over: destroy the economy. The increased poverty will make the present economy look good.

Moreover, in the case of Yugoslavia, they will do much more. Yugoslavia has been a thorn in Germany's side for over 100 years, Given the chance, they will kill large numbers of Serbs in order to guarantee an end to that Serbian disease -- resistance to Western domination of the strategic area which both the US and the Germans want to control, in order to conquer other lands.

The fact that the West now smiles at Yugoslavia is most deceptive. As Rudyard Kipling said about the crocodile:

"And though sometimes he smiles as sweet as can be when he meets you
That's just cause he thinks what a treat it will be when he eats you."

MISSTATEMENT TWO: We do not call for defending the socialist model of Yugoslavia against the IMF for the very good reason that Yugoslavia is not socialist, it is a mixed economy. This brings us to error three.

MISSTATEMENT THREE: We do not (as you say) oppose the IMF because it installs capitalism. The IMF does not install capitalism. The laws which the IMF orders countries to "pass" are often called "Privatization Through Liquidation." Liquidation is the key here. These measures kill domestically controlled economies, whether they are private, socialist or mixed. The local economy and people become carcasses to feed the NATO sharks.

One of the worst victims of IMF "aid" has been Korea, which is now economically devastated and controlled by a group of leveraged buyout parasites, especially from the US, including Diane Feinstein's husband. The money that the IMF "poured into Korea" went to Western-owned companies and individuals -- not to Korea. Koreans were barred from the process - even rich Koreans. Korea however must pay the IMF back for this money which has gone to non-Koreans. This is not hyperbole. The major Korean industries are now owned by these leveraged buyout characters. Prof. Chossudovsky has explained the mechanics of this double robbery in the article, 'The Recolonization of Korea' which will be posted soon on Emperor's clothes. [Now posted at ]

MISSTATEMENT FOUR: Mr. Milosevich is not our 'point man.' If the United States were not meddling in Yugoslavia there would, as we have said, be a much healthier political situation in which various forces would contend -- and we would stay out of it.

But this is not the case. As we said about the recent election (and the coup): these are a contest between a US-created opposition and domestic political forces. We do not say (as you claim we say) that DOS leaders were bought by US money. We say something much much more serious. We say that DOS and the independent media and the "civil society" organizations have all been created - created! - by the US and Germany! Created - not bought. A whole apparatus created with one purpose in mind: to destabilize Yugoslavia. Perhaps you have not seen the evidence we offer to support this statement. Below I have posted references to material which I urge you to read. It deals more fully with what I am saying here.

The Yugoslav election was a contest between a US-created apparatus and a native apparatus. That native apparatus had many weaknesses but it was a Yugoslav apparatus with homegrown problems. We warned of the disastrous consequences if the other apparatus, which is US-created and US/German controlled, took over. Our worst fears are being confirmed a good deal faster than we expected. Alas.

I would refer you to "US Arrogance and Yugoslav Elections," [ ] jointly authored by a group of peace activists, which provides evidence for the four points stated above. We have other documents, available on Emperor's Clothes, which I have listed in FURTHER READING, just below. As you will see, I am not exaggerating when I state that you have misunderstood what we are saying. Unfortunately your misunderstandings dovetail with incorrect statements of our positions being circulated widely among the Serbian Diaspora.

Best wishes,
Jared Israel


Further reading

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Other documents which explain and document our views:

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Emperor's Clothes has translated the Oct. 7 statement by the Serbian Socialist Party concerning the terror being directed at party members and suapporters all over Serbia. We urge everyone to read this statement and protest to the US State Department and German Foreign Ministry, which stand behind these events, and to send notes of support to the SPS which is being attacked because it committed the grave sin of not crawling before the US government.

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