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"I like Kostunica, but I am worried about those around him..."

Dear Emperor's Clothes,

Concerning the controversy about the Yugoslav elections, I read the following in an article called "Work Stoppages Pressure Milosevich":

"Serbia's opposition lodged an official complaint with the Federal Election Commission, providing their own tally that showed Kostunica beat Milosevic 51.34 percent to 36.22 percent in Sunday's vote." (Associated Press, SEPTEMBER 29, 17:50 EDT,"Work Stoppage Pressures Milosevich")

This is much too interesting. The opposition's numbers keep falling, day after day. These falling opposition claims attracted my attention so today I started a tally of my own . They started off with about 55 percent, stayed with at 52 percent for a few days, and they are down to 51 today. If this trend continues, Milosevic will be the first round winner any time! :-)

One interesting point: the highest opposition percentage came from the US (whoops - I mean British) official, Robin Crook - oh dear, I mean Cook. Cook. His number, posted to the UK's FCO site, was the highest I found in any report: a whopping 57 percent! Amazing, isn't it?

(By the way I've always liked Kostunica, but I am very worried about the people around him. I think perhaps he is merely the veneer...)

Speaking of revealaing articles in the Western media, take a look at this quote from the Canadian newspaper, 'The Globe and Mail'. The story concerns a reporter who was arrested while covering the yugoslav election and ended up drinking with the Judge, a man named Milosevic, but the interesting part is this excerpt:

"Arriving at police headquarters, we joined 20 Bulgarian and Romanian migrant workers outside the judge's office. ... They were construction workers who had come to Yugoslavia because they could earn more; a sobering thought considering the pitiful state of the economy here."

Actually, the sobering thought is not that the Yugoslav economy is in such a 'pitiful state.' After all, Yugoslavia was forced by the American regime into three wars and subjected to genocidal sanctions during the last 10 years.

The real sobering and future-telling thought is that the workers from neighboring Rumania and Bulgaria -- both of which accepted Western "democratization of the economy," meaning full IMF control of same, and joined the American-enforced "Partnership for Peace" -- these workers found Yugoslavia a better place to earn a living.

Isn;t that something Yugoslav voters should keep in mind when considering whether to vote for Mr. Kostunica, which means accepting the G-17's plans, in reality the plans of the American-controlled IMF and World Bank for the colonization and robbery of Yugoslavia.

If that happens, where will the poor Bulgarians and Rumanians go to find work?

Dan Chukurov
Albany, New York


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