The Bulletin of what, indeed!

By Elicia Smythe (05/05/00)

Reprinted from

Lester Schonbrun's article "The Bulletin of what?" ends with: "The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (BAS) should avoid articles like Arkin's...."


If you look at the articles in the BAS over the past year, you will find that they have been among the strongest proponents of the Kosovo bombing. They just couldn't contain their excitement over being able to play hawk for a change. See, for example, "A new kind of War," by R. C. Longworth, in the July/August 1999 issue. In that article are repeated all of the lies that we heard on CNN, from NATO, and the State Dept.

Of course, they still run articles condemning missile defense systems, SDI, etc. However, their main argument, that such things rile up the Russians, making the international scene tense, rings hollow. The bombing of Serbia did more to rile up the Russians than anything that has been done since 1960.

Of course, their whole make-up is suspect: I don't know any 'atomic scientists' who subscribe to this NGO of a newspaper. They should change their name to The Bulletin of Anti-American Mediacracy (BAAM!)

Elicia Smythe is a scientist living in the midwestern US.

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