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Art in the New World Order
Text and photos sent to Emperor's Clothes by "A News Photographer"
[Originally posted during the year 2000]

The three top international photojournalism contests are: World Press, Pulitzer and Kodak Gold. They are said to set Standards of Excellence.

This year [2000], First Place in the prestigious World Press contest went to a photo of an Albanian man with a bandage on his nose.

Also awarded were images of Albanian women crying, by the same Greek Reuters photographer who won last years' Pulitzer for...an Albanian woman crying. So many ways to say the same thing.

Some of you hypercritical types might conclude that these contests have a political agenda motivated by the US elite's desire to use each and every opportunity to remind an absentminded public that the Serbian people are monsters.

You might point out that there are around six billion people in the world and only two million Albanians in Kosovo. You might say, with a ratio of one Kosovo Albanian for every 6000 humans, and with plenty of sunsets and happy children, not to mention more than enough wars to keep an army of photographers busy, that the odds of any prize going to a picture of an unhappy Kosovo Albanian are awful small.

You might argue that the reason these prizes have gone to pictures of suffering Albanians is that some powerful forces were preparing public opinion for the proper political view, namely, "Albanian good, Serb bad."

Such conclusions would be quite unreasonable!

In fact we see increasing diversity. For instance, the #1 photo in the World Press Contest (Albanian man, with bandage) breaks new ground.

It is the first time in two years that the winner in any of the top three international photojournalism competitions has *not* been: an Albanian woman crying.

If you are reading this text in email, the winning pictures from 1998, 1999 and 2000 can be seen at


Below are the 1998, 1999 and 2000 World Press Winners - Do you think somebody was trying to tell us something?

World Press Top Photo Prize Winner 2000 - Ethnic Albanian man, in Kosovo...

World Press Top Photo Prize Winner 1999 - Ethnic Albanian Woman, in Kosovo...

World Press Top Photo Prize Winner 1998 - Ethnic Albanian Woman, in Kosovo....


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