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Debate on Croatian Fascist Rock Star's Upcoming Australia Tour

by Jared Israel

[Dec. 21, 2007]


At the end of December 2007, Marko Perkovic Thompson's clerical-fascist rock tour is relocating from North America to Australia, but not without opposition.

Reporting that Thompson would be performing at Melbourne's 5000-seat Festival Hall (and in fact, in three other Australian cities as well - see comment #11, below) the Australian Jewish News (AJN) stated that:

"Thompson has publicly expressed its support for the Ustashe, a pro-Nazi regime that was responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of people during World War II [actually, between the various Ustashe death camps and the Croatian Black Legion's mass murders, conducted in villages, the victim count was well over a million- J.I.] and was known for singing nationalistic songs in support of Croatia."

-- "Pro-Nazi band to tour Melbourne," by Naomi Levin

The article reported an effort to prevent the concerts, with B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission executive director Manny Waks saying "he would call on new [immigration] minister Senator Chris Evans to deny visas to the band members. 'This concert is highly inappropriate and offensive and we will be doing what we can to prevent it,' Waks said."

The AJN story produced a debate, in which I participated. The comments, which I think are of interest, are posted below. All spelling is exactly as in the original.

For more on Thompson and clerical-fascism, see Further Reading, at the end.

-- Jared Israel
Editor, Emperor's Clothes


#1 - Sin_Groma (9/12/2007 10:59:50 PM)

M.P Thompson is not a Nizi, or whatever you call him... He is a patriotic singer... He sings about God, love one homeland... Please don't write stuff like this if you don't know what you are talking about. Please read the lyrics of his songs (there are also English translations of them) and you'll see there's nothing wrong with them...This is the disgrace for you, telling just ordinary bunch of lies about him... Just listen and watch his concerts, and you'll see what I'm talking about... I hope you'll see what kind of awful mistake you did... Bye


#2 - anna (10/12/2007 1:03:33 PM)

It is totally uneducated of Mr Waks to go on a vengeful attack on someone that he has not even investigated truthfully for facts. Let it be known Thompson nor the Croatian community are nazis/. Enough of this deliberate propaganda that Mr waks is starting against Thompson and the Croatian community. It is so obvious that Mr waks and his contributors for this outlandish propaganda have a definate underlying agenda. The world sees what you are doing, people are educated today and don't believe what the media just writes.


#3 - Jared Israel (11/12/2007 8:43:15 AM)

Sin_Groma's claim that Thompson's songs are harmless is false. Some of his top hits are propaganda tracts for clerical fascism. Case in point: ''E moj narode'' or ''Alas my people,'' the title song of two of his last five albums. It contains the theme of Hitler's favorite book, ''The Protocols of Zion,'' that, in league with the devil, Jews supposedly use the Masons (of all people) and Communists to persecute and kill Gentiles - it includes this murderous slander set to music. Here are the first two stanzas:

[First two stanzas of Thompson's hit, ''Alas my people,'' starts here]

Ever since the time of Christ,
New faces but the scene is the same,
The Devil's forces battle to eliminate us

Antichrists and Masons, [This is Nazi-speak for 'Jews and their tools' - J.I.]
Communists of all sorts
Spread Satanic phrases
To defeat us.
Alas, my people. Alas my people.

[First two stanzas of Thompson's hit, ''Alas my people,'' ends here]

In Croatia, the US and now Australia, Thompson fans claim this song constitutes singing about God, love, country, which explains what these terms mean to them. For the link to full text of ''Alas my people'' in English, a youtube video of Thompson singing ''Alas my people'' in Cleveland, complete with child wearing Ustasha (clerical-fascist) cap, and a debate with Thompson's US tour organizer, go to


#4 - michael (11/12/2007 6:34:35 PM)

Imgaine the outcry if a band were invited to Australia that vilified Muslims .


#5 - Jared Israel (12/12/2007 8:03:23 AM)

I did not know when I posted comment #3 that as stated on the web page
Thompson's May 2005 concerts in Sydney and Melbourne were named "E moj narode'' (''Alas my people'') after the Thompson song.

Given the content of ''E moj narode,'' as discussed in comment #3, those concerts might as well have been called ''Mein Kampf.''

The full English text of ''E moj narode'' is posted at

Thompson also has concerts scheduled in SYDNEY on Dec. 31st, ADELAIDE on Jan. 5th and PERTH on the 6th.


#6 - captainlog (12/12/2007 3:50:39 PM)

These people are hate mongers and should be banned from entering any civilized country. Never again.


#7 - Misha (13/12/2007 5:26:00 PM)

It is sad and of utmost concern indeed that at the beginning of twenty-first century - and ater the bloody war and destruction Milosevic's regime brought to Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo in the 1990s - Jewish political right wing has been hijacked once again by the Serbian lobby which is still promoting the ideology of the butcher of the Balkans - Slobodan Milosevic.

That is, unfortunately, a very core of this, and other recent media attacks on Marko Perkovic and his band.

On the other hand, I must say that I am impressed with imaginativeness of some of your respondentss. Perhaps such imaginative minds should turn to original creative writing since a translation obviously is not their stronghold!
In good faith:


#8 - LoveOfPeople (13/12/2007 6:05:55 PM)

I have been listening to Thompson since he first started singing. Never ever once did I associate his songs at all to do with Jews. The communists and Serbs who oppressed us for years, yes.

Do you not understand that this is the evilness of Serbs trying to create problems and limitations for the Australian Croatian community to enjoy their heritage, their music, their passion.

Leave the past in the past, war is a confusing time for everyone involved. But please Serbian community, let us now be. We each have our own nation, songs, love of Christ, let's not criticise who believes in what. We all have the right to choose.

The Jews chose not to recognise this Christ, maybe we will all recognise the next one.

Make love not war..


Big Thompson fan, because he awakens my passion for my country, my people, my family, my life.

P.S. I particularly like the song: ''Moj Dida I Ja'' (My grandfather and I). It sings of happy, loving family times. Let's all focus on that for ourselves and let people carry on their lives when they are hurting no one.


#9 - Nick (13/12/2007 8:32:42 PM)

Now you hear me out. We Croatians are a proud people and our country has been tormented for centuries. The Ustase as ruthless as they were freed Croatia from Yugoslavia in 1941 - 1945 and established an Independent Croatian State. They fought against Yugoslavia and Communism but in the end they failed. Regardless of everything We shell forever remember them as Heroes. In 1992 We fought for the same cause and we defeated Yugoslavia and we shall NEVER FORGET the USTASE. We are not Nazis, we are Croatian Freedom fighters and never have we wanted anything that belonged to anyone else just the territorial boundaries of our Homeland. All those who fought for our FREEDOM are Heroes and so is MP THOMPSON. If THOMPSON is a Nazi for supporting FREEDOM then so is BRAVEHEART :p

[Hyperlinks added to the above comment by Emperor's Clothes - J.I.]


#10 - Jared Israel (14/12/2007 10:24:09 AM)

Michael writes in Comment #4, ''Imagine the outcry if a band were invited to Australia that vilified Muslims.''

Regarding this: first, I would hope that if and when people are made aware of the content of some of Thompson's top hits - as I believe they have been, so far, in Australia, only on this page and only regarding one song - most will indeed be outraged. (Thompson also has songs rejoicing in murdering Serbs and extolling Nazi-like 'race theory.') Second, Thompson's songs have nothing to do with Islam. He presents himself as the singing prophet of the Catholic church-militant. ( See ). Third, while clerical fascism, combining racism and religious fanaticism, should be fought uncompromisingly, it is crucial to do so while respecting those whom clerical fascists try to mobilize, whether Croatian-Australians, or Muslims in France, or Catholics in Flanders, or whomever. The only decent and effective way to oppose racism is to oppose all vilification. So, if a band vilifies Muslims, there SHOULD be an outcry. Fourth, fascist forces (e.g., Le Pen in France, BNP [British National Party - J.I.] in Britain) and their well-dressed fellow travelers (e.g., Pat Buchanan in the U.S.) are now trying to mobilize so-called 'whites' worldwide against so-called 'non-whites' or 'outsiders.' Those pushing that effort have propagated, openly or by innuendo, a line similar to ''Alas my people'' - that 'rootless' Jews supposedly conspire to destroy European culture by bringing in and stirring up 'non-whites.' While, for the moment, some fascists may downplay antisemitic rhetoric, even claiming to sympathize with Israel, in order to win the greatest number of people to a 'defend-the-white-race' viewpoint, i.e., focusing on one target at a time, nevertheless antisemitism is the core of their ideology. To paraphrase someone-or-other, 'If Jews lie down with these racists, they won't get much sleep.'


#11 - Jared Israel (16/12/2007 10:05:11 PM)

In comment #3 I charged that Thompson's top hit, ''Alas my people,'' the title song of his 2005 Australian tour, accuses Jews of being the devil's agents plotting to use Masons and Communists to eliminate Catholics, and calls for holy war to set things right.

In comment #7, Misha wrote ''translation obviously is not their stronghold!''

To establish the credibility of the translation I quoted, I have juxtaposed it to the translation from the Thompson website. The comparison is at

Our translation is somewhat smoother. Thompson's is a bit more extreme, and probably truer to the original. In this sort of contest, the true antisemite has an unfair advantage.

Regarding Thompson's tour schedule, there is no ambiguity. As advertised on the Thompson web page,
he is scheduled to perform:

December 29, at 8pm, in Melbourne, at Festival Hall, with guests: Major Minor

December 31, at 8pm, in Sydney, at the Croatian Sports Center King Tomislav

January 5 in Adelaide, at the Croatian Sports Centre

January 6 in Perth at Burswood Theater


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