You Can Help Oppose the Trepca Mining Takeover
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On August 14th NATO forces swooped down into the Zvecan smelter in Kosovo and seized the last remaining bit of Yugoslav government owned property - the Trepca mining complex. This action directly violates UN Security Council Resolution 1244 which concluded the war and reaffirmed Yugoslav sovereignty over the province.

That morning, workers were greeted with a shower of tear-gas and rubber bullets as they went to work. Since then Kosovska Mitrovica's workers have been holding daily protests in front the plant, while a dozen members of the plants management are still refusing to leave the offices of the smelter. It now appears that the US-backed administrator of Kosovo, Bernard Kouchner (who rules by decree) has decided to hand over these Yugoslav state properties to a Western mining consortium ITT Kosovo. Please contact these firms and otherwise express your outrage at this undemocratic, militaristic, imperialistic theft of Yugoslav property.

The firms involved:

  • The Washington Group, a big US Dep't of Defense contractor, created through the merger of Morisson Knudsen International and Raytheon Engineering and Construction Corp.
    * Corporate Headquarters Tel: (208) 386-5000
  • Boliden Ltd., a Canadian firm that's been involved in some major environmental disasters and whose Swedish subsidiary Boliden-Contech is directly involved in the takeover
    * Toronto Headquarters Tel: (416) 216-2272

    * Boliden's Swedish subsidiary (directly involved in takeover)
    Tel: 46 8 610 1500 [ask for Stefan Kekel]
  • TEC-Ingenierie, a French mining firm.
    * Tel: 33 1 30 66 27 50

If you are calling outside your country you may need to dial an exit code. To dial out of the US, dial 011, e.g., for France and Sweden, and then the number as above.

Besides calling and petitioning these firms, groups can organize picket lines and get information out through the Internet and the mass media in local areas, especially in the firms' local areas..

Thoughts on the situation

This is a chance to prevent the militaristic takeover of a critical lifeline for Kosovo's embattled ethnic-communities like the Serbs, Roma, Muslim Slavs, Montenegrins, Turks, Goranies, Egyptians, and non-KLA supporting Albanians, who have suffered greatly since the NATO occupation of the province a year ago. With 300,000 already ethnically cleansed from Kosovo, and the remainder of the provinces minorities living in ethnic-ghettoes ringed with barbed wire and subjected to almost daily terrorist attacks, the NATO occupation has shown the alliances claims of "humanitarian intervention" to be hollow.
[Emperor's Clothes]