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Let's Send a Message to
The Hague 'Humanitarians'

The people who bombed Yugoslavia are punishing President Slobodan Milosevic for defying them. Let's do some defying ourselves. President Milosevic's birthday is Monday, August 20th. On August 30th he is to appear again before The Hague kangaroo 'Tribunal.'

Let's flood The Hague with telegrams supporting this man's resistance, especially from August 20th to August 30th.

Please send letters and especially telegrams to:
President Slobodan Milosevic
Huis van Bewaring Pompstationsweg 46a
2597GX Den Haag
The Netherlands

Why send telegrams and letters?


When former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic appeared before The Hague Tribunal on July 2, Judge Richard May told him (and the world):

'You will be accorded the full rights of the accused, according to international law, '

One analyst asked: What are the rights of a kidnap victim under international law? ( )

Now, after six weeks, The Hague 'Tribunal' has provided the following answers:

1) The right to be isolated from your peers.President Milosevic has been held in solitary confinement for six weeks despite his protest and the official UN position, that: "Efforts addressed to the abolition of solitary confinement as a punishment, or to the restriction of its use, should be undertaken and encouraged." (

2) The right not to sleep. During the first several days, the lights were never turned off in Milosevic's cell. As a corollary, video cameras are trained on Milosevic at all times, thus providing the right to no privacy

3) The right to be denied counsel of your choice. After weeks of haggling, one of Mr. Milosevic's Yugoslav attorneys has finally been allowed to see him. However, the Dutch government, acting, it says, under instructions from the 'Tribunal,' has denied the other Yugoslav attorney a visa.

4) The right to witness the mistreatment of your loved ones. Mr. Milosevic's wife is treated like a criminal when she comes to Holland, confined to a hotel room when not visiting her husband from whom she is separated by a plane of glass. (Thus the Tribunal, a United Nations organization, expresses the UN's declared goal that: "All prisoners shall be treated with the respect due to their inherent dignity and value as human beings."


The treatment of Milosevic, a former head of state, and of the other Serbian prisoners in The Hague, clarifies what the NATO leaders who control this jail mean when they speak of bringing humanitarian values to the world. Is it an accident that the Tribunal's jail is located in Schevenieng, the very village where the German Nazi's detained members of the Dutch Resistance before shooting them?

For ten years a compliant media has drummed anti-Milosevic horror tales into our heads until it's hard to think straight. But who is really guilty? Who has murdered thousands of Yugoslavs with bombs dropped from a coward's height? Who has driven over a million people of all nationalities into homelessness in Serbia? Who has unleashed fascist secessionists throughout the Balkans, supporting them with arms and training, and lauding them as democrats, forcing victims to 'negotiate' with their murderers? Who has waged low-level nuclear war, turning Kosovo, focus of one 'humanitarian crusade,' into a radioactive dump?

To his great credit Milosevic used his July appearance at the Tribunal to declare: "This Tribunal aims to produce false justification for the war crimes of NATO committed in Yugoslavia." ( )


By refusing to bow before the NATO criminals, Milosevic has done the world an incalculable service. In response NATO is trying to break his spirit. Therefore we urge every individual and group to send letters and Telegrams of support to Milosevic especially between August 20th, his 60th birthday, and August 30th, the date of his next appearance before the 'Tribunal,'

Through this small gesture you will serve notice on the 'Tribunal' that you are watching everything they do, and you will also help sustain the courage of this man who, kept in isolation and mistreated, is sustained in his principled stance by the justice of his defense of Yugoslav sovereignty and his opposition to NATO, and by the support that burns in your heart.

Please send letters and especially telegrams to:
President Slobodan Milosevic
Huis van Bewaring Pompstationsweg 46a
2597GX Den Haag
The Netherlands


Klaus Hartmann, Vice-Chairman, Committee to Defend Milosevic, Germany
Jared Israel, , USA
Ian Johnson, North West Regional Secretary, Socialist Labour Party, England
Mihail N. Kuznecov, Professor of International Law, Russian Federation Nico Varkevisser, , The Netherlands
Aldo Bernardini, Professor of International Law, Rome, Italy
NÚstor Miguel Gorojovsky, partido de la Izquierda Nacional, Argentina

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